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Comment No.300
I find your photos amazing, being a 3rd and final year Bachelor of Photography student you are a good inspiration of what is truely capable of being captured in natures violent tantrums. I especially liked your Genesis series due to their stunning colour, shape and magic of lightning. Keep up the good work!
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Aaron Francis,
(Queensland, Australia)

Comment No.299
Hi Nick, I have your 'Electric Dreams' shot on my wall and it never bores me. Your photography is unbelievable and inspires me so much. Keep up the awesome work! Bye the way, is weather phenomena your favourite topic to capture on film?
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Tim Collins, (Australia)   ta_collins@hotmail.com

Comment No.298
You seem to be able to capture the complete mood of the moment with your photographs. They are absolutely magical....keep up the good work!!! p.s say hi to Paul for me...OOXXPK POPPY
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Poppy Kaalund,
(Byron Bay, Australia)

Comment No.297
We have viewed a number of "Lightning Collection" prints from around the world.
To date, "Nick Djordjevic" has by far, the most interesting and professional images that we have come across.
Nick, keep up this excellent work!
Australian Professional Bodyguards
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Australian Professional Bodyguards, (Perth,Australia)   www.apbodyguards.com.au

Comment No.296
Very cool pics bro, especially the lightning section
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Tamihana Koperu,(Australia)   isaackop@hotmail.com

Comment No.295
there are alot of beautiful photgrpahs in ths site and i would love to have some of those photo's painted on to my bedroom walls and i have nothing else to say so PEACE and MUCH LOVE and don't forget to SMILE cuz it makes the world a better place to live in if you onlyy just SMILED
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Winterswan Casimir, (Canada)   baby_girl_666@hotmail.com

Comment No.294
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Comment No.293
Heloooooooooo, My darling
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AMY, (England)   aoboyle@aol.com

Comment No.292
A bloody good site Nick. You have taken some great shots
I look forward to some more shots from you for this site. It can only
get better as you get older hahaha with age. Lets hope nature gives
you what you want.
Name Email
Paul aka Disco, (Australia)   pmclean@iinet.net.au

Comment No.291
excerlent, could not order, sent email
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Justin Millar, (Australia)   tunabreath@bigpond.com

Comment No.290
really enjoyed viewing an excellent site with brilliant pictures---only wish that i could take similar myself
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Malcolm, (England)   kimandmalcolm@hotmail.com

Comment No.289
Your photographs are stunning..you must spend many hours to obtain such beautiful results.
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Jo, (USA)   jcap@i2k.com

Comment No.288
Beautiful work. I especially like the underwater shots. The seals (sea lions?) are fascinating. I'll be coming back - I'm building a personal bookmark list of fine images to contemplate when I need to add some peace to my life. Not sure the lightning series is the right one for that!
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Bridgewater, Virginia, (USA)   mike@shentel.net

Comment No.287
Very nice photo's
All the best
The Shark
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Shark, (UK)   kellytonishannon@dony.freeserve.co.uk

Comment No.286
I have never seen such a beautiful sight drawing out from nature by camera. i would like to see your art in QLD coast if I can do it.
Thank you very much for your amazing arts!
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HIDETAKA YONEI(MR.) (Japan)   yonei@thaiseng.co.jp

Comment No.285
Comments?: Hi Storm... was just checking out your site for the 100th/ time ... a big change since the last time... It is beautiful to say the least...Planning to visit Julie in Janurary... maybe I'll get to meet you and your wife also...Who knows... Without a phony avi...LOL.. just me in my overly plumped middle aged body...LOLOL...You have a great day...
Name Email
Savannah, (USA)   JoniWohl@msn.com

Comment No.284
Que fotos espectaculares.Yo tambien me dedico a tomar fotografias de tormentas.Me gustaria saber como podemos entrar en contacto para que veas mi material.Algo puedes ver en la pagina www.ezinegesell.com.ar/fotoclub/pizzi
Saludos desde Argentina!!!!!
Name Email
Federico Pizzi, (Argentina)   federicopizzi@gesell.com.ar

Comment No.283
I've always enjoyed your images, (I missed out on one of your calendars a few years back dammit!.
I grew up around North Beach/Waterman and remember some of those rocks very well! As a kid I used to walk down to the beach with my trusty K1000 but I only had a 50mm lens and not much money so my folks soon got bored with the pictures I'd gleefully produce which all looked rather similar - ah well...
All the best
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Mike Reynolds, (Australia)   bloodwoodimaging@bigpond.com

Comment No.282
I absolutely love your photos!!! They're awesome!!! I especially like the one that you see when you enter the site on the home page! Great Job and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get some more pictures on here! Later-Abby~*
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Abby, (USA)   snlfanatic_22@yahoo.com

Comment No.281
I love your website! It's beautifully constructed and very easy to navigate. Your work is fabulous - it inspires me to learn more. I am just getting started in photography as a hobby and know that I need more equipment to begin experimenting properly with exposure times and aperture settings, etc. I was so happy to read that you don't use special filters, since I don't care for their effects and really didn't want to have to resort to them. Your hints about how to get great photos using available light were very valuable. Thanks for putting the information out there for us novices!!
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Karen Crofoot Saunders,(USA)   saunders@voyager.net

Comment No.280
The lightning gallery was excellent. I have really enjoyed the landscape gallery. Really beautiful. G'day Kenny
Name Email
Ken Dykes, (Tyler, Texas)   kbdyk@yahoo.com

Comment No.279
Nick, The new additions to the website are awesome. I'm still working with wild life, especially the U/W variety. I hope all is well with you and all my friends in W.A. Charlie
Name Email
Charlie Snow, (USA)   vdodivr@txcyber.com

Comment No.278
Sorry,but my english is not good... I really enjoyed to find your site...photos of Nick are more than beautiful. Many thanks.
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Dominique, (Switzerland)   garance13@hotmail.com

Comment No.277
Awesome pic's! Lightning like you don't see too often out here in eastern Montana!
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Alan Lee Beeber, (USA)   alanlee.beeber@mailcity.com

Comment No.276
Well what can I say "Amazing". I only hope one day I can be half as good as capturing nature at her finest.
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Bec Mckenzie, (Australia)   mckenzier@hotmail.com

Comment No.275
Your photographs are AWSOME. I plan on buying some very soon. I was wondering if I could get any of the pictures listed under "Photographs" made in the "Poster" sizes. I see more of the "Photographs" than I do the "Posters". I know some are in both sections, but some aren't. Also, when I click on "Limited Editon", nothing comes up. Then again, there may be a problem with my connection on this end. I just want to tell you again how much I love your photographs. I will be furnishing my living room and bedroom with many of them as soon as I can. Sharon Grab
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Comment No.274
Hey nic how are you. Its been a while since i last wrote to you i'm still waiting on an electrical storm to pass over melbourne. But I actually gpt some really nice sunset pics that i am eventually going to send you and i wouldn't mind getting your opinion on them ok then I"m going to boot off now . p.s I will send a.s.a.p cya
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Stewart Kennedy,
(Melbourne, Australia)

Comment No.273
great photo's keep on up dateing them as it is a pleasure to see such great photo's
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Mike, (England)   mikepaula@tabletop24.freeserve.co.uk

Comment No.272
what are you doing slack bum,,,,waiting for a storm?????hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm me tooo!!!!! trying to get my web page organized ,,,hmmm what a jooobbbbb!!!!! I'll get there in the end... cant wait till summer..how about you???have you taken any good piccies lately?? I suppose Id better take my (fist out) and dust off the ol"camera bags.. got some new nic nacs to use.. waiting for the wildf;owers to pop up!! need a good 4 wheel drive tho,, to get out bush..sooo much rain in summer 2ooo.... and nonme in winter.better go.. how often do you read these comments ,,anyway....????? seeya later ---turbator!!!!annie..
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anne mitchard,
(Kalgoorlie, Western Australia)

Comment No.271
how are ya sweetheart!!!!????
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anne mitchard,
(Kalgoorlie, Western Australia)

Comment No.270
Fantastic images. I have always been interested in lightning events. You must surely enjoy your hobby. This is in my favourites, keep clicking, regarfs Bart
Name Email
peter bartlett,
(Western Australia)

Comment No.269
Very impressive. Do the long exposures enhance the color, or do you just need them to get enough light?
Name Email
Dave Mesko, (USA)   dmesko@mcclintockcpa.com

Comment No.268
My friend, Robert from rtv computers fwded your site's address to me and i must say that your collection's simply breathtaking! It's amazing how a still picture can capture nature's phenomenons so vividly! Please take more!
Name Email
Elizabeth, (Singapore)   pantaeva@hotmail.com

Comment No.267
I'm absolutely gobsmacked! I stumbled across your site looking for info on learning to take better landscape images (I've only just purchased my first SLR and I am a real amateur and have started late in life!). You have certainly given me all the inspiration I need to practice, practice, practice and learn as much as I can. I can't imagine ever achieving images of this quality but one can only dream!
Name Email
Donna Sanders, (Australia)   dsanders@ihug.com.au

Comment No.266
Great posters, you have an eye for awe!!!!
Name Email
Onikka Benjamin, (USA)   Obenjamin@scseng.com

Comment No.265
Great Pictures but size(s) should be listed in inches as well as MM's.
Name Email
Rod Fisher, (USA)   rfisher@mdot.state.md.us

Comment No.264
Hiya Nick, How are all my darkroom mags going? Hope that they were useful. So, how's business? Just surfing around over lunch and thought I would drop in to visit you again. The lightning this year was a little bit of a non event. Did not get many shots myself. How did you do? Cheers, Bob.
Name Email
Bob Litchfield,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.263
beautiful lightning photography, in a style that really shows the natural beauty of mother nature at it's finest
Name Email
Larry Brown, (USA)   lbrown@solarcc.com

Comment No.262
I’m studying Nick Djordjevic’s work in my graphic design course and I have found his lightning photographs Extremely stimulating and looking at your web site helped me see a lot of other images he has come up with. Can you please send me some information on Nick or let me know where I can get more information it is important that I get this information promptly? Thankyou. Yours truly Rebecca Clarke.
Name Email
Rebecca Clarke, (Australia)   pee_lea83@hotmail.com

Comment No.261
Great Posters but wasn't able to view the "limited Editions" section and did not know the cost. Also, poster size was listed in mm not inches.
Name Email
Rod Fisher, (USA)   rfisher@mdot.state.md.us

Comment No.260
tell more things about the counry.
Name Email
Heidi, (USA)   ... None ...

Comment No.259
Put in more pictures!! Sweet Jay
Name Email
Sweet Jay, (USA)   Pimpmaster 9000@Hotmail.com

Comment No.258
These are beautiful prints!I am a student looking to study photography and they are truely insipational!
Name Email
Jessie Palmer, (Canada)   jessiepalmer28@hotmail.com

Comment No.257
Love your work keep it up mate cheers
Name Email
michael kitts,
(Westarn Australia)

Comment No.256
G'day Nick, Your series of landscape and lightning shots are breathtaking.Congratulations on your fine artwork! I also live in Hillarys and have been experimenting with my Pentax MZ-50, trying hard to take pictures like yours. Have you ever taken shots of the south west coast? There's some unbelievable scenery down at Cape Naturaliste. Anyway, keep up the great work. Maybe You could give me extra tips sometime. Seeya
Name Email
Joel Martin,
(Western Australia)

Comment No.255
very cool nick!!!! where was armageddon taken? nice pic!
Name Email
jason ellerton,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.254
I was impressed to see you started your career in your mid-30's - a time when most people think they've got their 'calling' figured out! I too am looking to pursue a career in photography and am in my mid-30's, although I sometimes wonder if I've "missed the boat". Do you have any advice?
Name Email
Tony McCormack, (Australia)   karlaandtony@bigpond.com

Comment No.253
a great web page to look at and very informative will recomend it to my friends
Name Email
colin starke,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.252
Your site is the best i have a few of your prints already can u tell me where your gallery is so i can come for a look thanks KEEP UP THE COOL SHOTS OF WA
Name Email
Dan, (Western Australia)   ... None ...

Comment No.251
strikingly attractive site you have here.
Name Email
Chad A. De Lay, (USA)   cadelay@yahoo.com

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