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Comment No.250
I amd the coolest thing in the world and hopefully i will visit your contry when i am on tour soon. look for me! luv a bunch smoochieboochies candy:)
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Candy:), (USA)   princesscandy50@hotmail.com

Comment No.249
Love the pictures, maybe i'll visit one day,it always been a dream. Thanks for the time you took to create this site and for sharing your views with the world.
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alfredo parra,
(Boston, MA, USA)

Comment No.248
Good site...Enjoyed going through. Congratulations on your achievments. Mike D.
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Mike Dallich, (USA)   MDallich@aol.com

Comment No.247
Name Email
FEDERICO PIZZI, (Argentina)   gserodino@gesell.com.ar

Comment No.246
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(Shetland Isles)
  ... None ...

Comment No.245
Your images are of exelent standard and your website is very informative. You should place more of your images on the website
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Nathan Campbell, (Australia)   nat@yahoo.com

Comment No.244
... None ...
Name Email
Dr Earl Grossen,
(Utah, USA)

Comment No.243
Really good.
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Liz, (Australia)   davidcav@starwon.com.au

Comment No.242
Hello nic it's stewart hear again if r not sure who i am.I was the person who rang your mobile the other day asking about an apprenticeship or traineeship with you because i love taking electical photos. i really enjoyed your gallery of photos, and if you ever change your mind i will always be interested. A friend of mine said to ask you if you know a judy deephouse in trigg w.a
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(Melbourne, Australia)

Comment No.241
excellent! such great work.
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melissa waugh, (Australia)   mmmjwyee@ozemail.com.au

Comment No.240
I like your shots,most impressed, do you have any other regions?? Submit: SUBMIT
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Glenn, (Australia)   logo5@bigpond.com.au

Comment No.239
very nice site. outstanding photos. come visit our site soon. regards.
Name Email
Rick & Judy Vanderpool,
(Texas, USA)

Comment No.238
Very nice pictures. I'm a photographer myself in the same kind of pictures. I've been taking pictures of eclips and astronomy. Mayby you can give me some advices and how to develop and print pictures in the agencies.
Name Email
PETIT JEAN PIERRE, (France)   jp.petit@laposte.net

Comment No.237
Name Email
kruti mehta. (India)   tokruti@hotmail.com

Comment No.236
My Daughter is doing a 20 page report for her 6th grade class. So, I was hunting info on Australia. I have only just begun looking through your stuff... I am sure it will have something of interest.
Name Email
Jicome, (USA)   Jicome@aol.com

Comment No.235
That was really great work. It inspires me to put my work on the net. Do you actually make any money out of doing this? Nicole
Name Email
Nicole Girdler, (Australia)   ggirdler@mpx.com.au

Comment No.234
I like visiting your web site. Your nightshots are very amazing. I've also tried to take pictures of lightning and I know how difficult it is. Thanks to your tips, I could make lots of progress. I'm looking forward to wtaching your new shots. Sorry for my bad English, but it isn't my mother tongue. Gilles Francotte.
Name Email
Gilles FRANCOTTE, (Belgium)   francotte.g@skynet.be

Comment No.233
Fantastic! I must get a better camera and try some time exposures. I visited your wonderful country six years ago and want to visit again. G'day Mate!
Name Email
Mary Yaeger, (USA)   kjpockets@yahoo.com

Comment No.232
Hi Nick: You may remember me from Underwater World? Just want to say your web-page is one of the best photography sites I've seen; and thank you for reminding me how dramatic the WA coastline can be. Best regards, Dean.
Name Email
Dean Lee, (Australia)   lee0024@attglobal.net

Comment No.231
Hi im in primary school and i was just looking for pictures of the coast and boy did i get them. i think that you are the best photgrapher in all time.
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KARL STAUDT, (Australia)   ... None ...

Comment No.230
Your site is amazing I loved the pictures well bye
Name Email
Leeceta, (Canada)   meurling@sympatico.ns.ca

Comment No.229
I really liked the pictures and I hope you will put more on this page. Smile and have a great day
Name Email
Melissa Allen, (USA)   justintim@excite.com

Comment No.228
"Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place because the place isn't there the second time". (Willie Tyler) Well, maybe not the place, but you'll be certainly there, don't you? :-)
Name Email
Toti CalÚ, (Italy)   tical@libero.it

Comment No.227
Today is the first day that I have seen your web page, and I was extremely impressed. You are a very talented man. Keep taking more photos of the natural wonders of the world. You make them look even better!
Name Email
Isabelle Majdadzic
(Sydney, Australia)

Comment No.226
Lightning kicks ass.
Name Email
Janna, (USA)   Artemis1329@hotmail.com

Comment No.225
Since visiting your house (workshop) last year while on hollidays & buying some prints i've been keeping an eye on your sight. DO YOU HAVE any new prints that are'nt on your site? When are you going up NORTH to photograph storms?  KEEP UP THE EXELLENT SHOTS.
Name Email
Brett Suckling,
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Comment No.224
Hi Nick
KAKO SI. Were All fine in sunny SA.
Your site is fantastic and very educational.Keep up the good work.
Bye for now
Name Email
Toplica (TOM) Miletic,
(South Australia)

Comment No.223
Cool pictures!
Name Email
Kristen, (USA) kcar3@excite.com

Comment No.222
Saw a print of Big Tub Lighthouse, Tobemory, Ont. with Lightning Bolts.
Would like to locate that print..
Name Email
L A Ewalt, (USA) cewaltsr@netscape.net

Comment No.221
Totaly awsome!!!
Brilliant photography!!
Name Email
Bill, (Australia) windmill@hotmail.com

Comment No.220
Hi Nick,

I love your website. I am very impressed. We met at the WAUPS meeting last week. Your website is very comprehensive and I could easily spend hours just looking through it!

It was nice to meet you and your 'show and tell' at the meeting was great!!
Name Email
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.219
I am extremely impressed with your web site, you should also run courses for making up home pages, it is one of the best ones I have seen.
(my creativeness is nothing like yours)
I have lived with arthritis in my family ever since childhood, my father and aunt both died from it. This encouraged me to look after myself and find ways of trying to prevent it.
Now my husband Steve thinks he has it in his spine and is extremely depressed. The doctors have put him on anti depressants which I absolutely disagree with.

I have read your story and admire you for what you have achieved from something that could have made you sit down and wallow in self pity about.

If you have the time would you mind sending an email to Steve, to lift his spirits and make him see there is a way to cope with it, without taking all the chemical drugs that the doctors try to force on you.

I work away from home for 2 weeks periods, but when I get back I will check your web site out again and have a look at all your posters they are superb.

Keep up the good work and stay well.

Kind regards

Name Email
Lynne Kennedy, (Australia) yeletah@primus.com.au

Comment No.218
Name Email
Peter McCarthy, (Ireland) PETER_MAC@HOTMAIL.COM

Comment No.217
Gday Ya Joker, hope your getting a few waves because Im not.It's a record for me 5 months and counting.Off to Portugal in 2 weeks so hpoefully I'll get a few there - should be nice to have a look around anyway.The Island should be starting to crank now hopefully for your sake and the rest of us Island surfers.Sold my boat before I left in Jan for $3000 not too bad.I'll miss it that is for sure - I'll have to scab a few lifts with yourself,spencers and Giz when I get back.I'll also be able to use my old mans as well - he bought a bueaty last march. 14.5 footer, heaps wide and deep with a 40 on the back with elec trim and tilt.
Hope every thing is well with the arthritis and your family is well and good.
Take it easy and send us some mail if you got some goss to tell - not too many classic mumma days thou or I might cry.
Name Email
Proudy, (Ex West Aussie in Pommy Land) markproudfoot@hotmail.com

Comment No.216
Superb, further convinces me that I have to visit.
Name Email
Suzanne Byrne, (Ireland) anville@indigo.ie

Comment No.215
G-day nick,

Is been ten years since i saw you photographing a twisted dead tree on the top of a sand dune in ocean reef(i think?),the problem was i was already there shooting the same damn tree!
I am now living in Sydney and working for News LTD as a News Photographer.

Do you remember printing some ciberchrome prints for me of some weird stuff,i was about 16-17yrs old and working at Kodak express John Mack. Anyway your site looks great and check out my site (its just wedding photography)

Name Email
Daniel Griffiths, (Australia) dg_photos@hotmail.com

Comment No.214
Hi Nick,

Just surfing the web again and thought I'd have another look at
your page. You have made some changes....looking good!!
Hope all is well with you. Take care of yourself....
Best Wishes
Teresa Forbes
(Workshop Camera Club)
Name Email
Teresa Forbes,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.213
These pictures are stunning. I would love to be able to produce something this good myself.
Name Email
Elayine McCallum, (Australia) elamcc@oceania.net

Comment No.212
Great website and pics. Rob, my staff photographer have just had a loook at your site - its one of the simplest and easiest to follow & presented in a really friendly fashion.


Name Email
Dale Neill,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.211
I really liked you page
Name Email
Mary Katherine, (USA) soccergirlie_11@yahoo.com

Comment No.210
I think the photos are beautiful! I was looking on the web for anything with the name Genesis and I stumbled upon the work by accident. It's so difficult to find things with my name on it. I love it!
Name Email
Genesis , (USA) gccasill@hewitt.com

Comment No.209
I Really enjoy the preview of your work . will get back with you with an order. would like to go back to aust. some time in the future.
have a good one.
Name Email
Larry Herrington, (USA) cherrington@futura.net

Comment No.208
.. None ..
Name Email
Richo, (Australia) .. None ..

Comment No.207
My husband has been looking everywhere for photos of lightning. I'm so glad I found your site.   Thanks for the beautiful pics
Name Email
Kathy McWhorter, (USA) kathymac@bellsouth.com

Comment No.206
Absolutely beautiful photography. I've never seen anything like it, and cannot wait till i have the money to buy my first print. I often visit just to look at the shots, and imagine where i could put them in my house!!

Thank you.
Name Email
Cassie Grant, (Australia) cassiegrant@hotmail.com

Comment No.205
Very beautiful pictures
Name Email
Dawn, (USA) .. None ..

Comment No.204
What about a guestbook where you can see those who have been visiting your site?
Name Email
Martin Thorin, (Sweden) martin.thorin@telia.com

Comment No.203
Hi Nick, We are standing here at Kens house viewing your site.
The pictures are spectacular and are a credit to you.

Gary Jones and Trevor Andrews and Ken Davis
Name Email
Gary Jones, (Australia) holborne@ozemail.com.au

Comment No.202
Wicked pictures!!!!

When will twin strike be available?
Name Email
Chris Hammond, (England) Chris.Hammond@Fly.Virgin.Com

Comment No.201
What can I say? The site is great and the photo's are mind blowing. I've always wanted to take photo's like this, just for the sheer enjoyment of the results.
But have never got around to doing it.But seeing your site and also paying a visit to Michael Fewings page, i'll just have to make some time this Winter.
Best of all this site is from a WA person.
I hope you keep updating your collection regularly!

Name Email
Paul Pitman,
(Western Australia)

Comment No.200
.. None ..
Name Email
Anthony Jordan, (USA) ariell@gateway.net

Comment No.199
Your friend Charlie Snow recommended your work and your site to me better than a year ago - about time I got around to ordering from you!

Aloha no kakou,

Name Email
Chris Walsh,
(Hawaii, USA)

Comment No.198
Great site. Unbelievable photographs!!  I would suggest everyone take a look at nature in action through the lens of Nick Djordjevic's camera. You should try and get your stuff into more stores around the states.  It would be a hot item to purchase.
Name Email
Andrew D. Wilfong,
(West Virginia, USA)

Comment No.197
Just looking around the web when I stumbled upon your site.
I enjoy looking at interesting pictures.
Name Email
Brandon James Kliewer, (USA) nickagu@home.com

Comment No.196
I was at Barnes & Nobles bookstore near my college (University of Miami, FL) and I picked up a book on night photography. In the book they had a couple of your photographs and I found them quite amazing. I am just getting into artistic photography and I really enjoy looking at great night shots, especially lightning and city scapes. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed looking at your work, and I found your web address in the back of the book so I came to drop a line. I am working on a web site as well, for my future photgraphs, and I also like your layout, your screens load pretty fast.

Sincerely, John Paul Komasinski
Name Email
John Paul Komasinski, (USA) jkomasin@students.miami.edu

Comment No.195
Wow. great captive shots!
Name Email
Al Bundy, (USA) ... None ...

Comment No.194
G'Day Nick old pal, you getting a few waves out the Island?  I haven't had a wave since Bali in January. Its a bit cool over here, me & my Girlfriend are working and checking the place out. We are off skiing in a week, in France. Iv'e got 2 boards here so I'am planning on surfing as many places as possible & yes Iv'e got my super wetty I bought for when I was in Tassie. Hope your arthritis isn't hassling you too much. Any way better get back to work; working for the BBC in London Computor Data Man.
Send us an email
See Ya
Name Email
Mark Poudfoot, (Ex West Aussie in Pommy Land) markproudfoot@hotmail.com

Comment No.193
The pictures are absolutely stunning!
It must be wonderful to live so close to such beauty and force.
I hope you do well with your art.
Name Email
Angela Howard, (USA) ahow4@bellsouthnet.com

Comment No.192
Your photos are truely beautiful. im looking forward to owning one,provided i can decide

keep it up
Name Email
Dan, (USA) ... None ...

Comment No.191
Very good & thank you for net work info.
Because of pain I cannot do my water color. Any suggestions? Exercise makes worse and am at limit of tabs. Kind regards Monica.
Name Email
Monica Ladyman,
(Katanning, West Australia)

Comment No.190
I just wanted to say that your work is amazing and breathtaking!
Name Email
Courtney, (USA) beebop98@hotmail.com

Comment No.189
Beautifull !!!
Name Email
Aegis, (USA) hatstsalah@fcmail.com

Comment No.188
G'day nick, have finally got around to checking out your site and what a great site.
I hope you are doing a roaring trade. I will pass this site on to people i have met on the net so they can share your amazing photos.
Good luck for the future and maybe catch up again at the club again.
Name Email
John Dolphin,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.187
Name Email
Lawrence Ponting, (England) ... None ...

Comment No.186
Nice site ......i do lightning paintings..check it out at
Name Email
PatrickWhite, (USA) whiteworks@leaco.net

Comment No.185
Although I am sure you hear this all the time, I must say your work is fascinating and one photo tells a million stories. Please keep up the great work, I love your website.
Name Email
Diana Lima,
(Melbourne, Australia)

Comment No.184
Incredibly Beautiful Work!!!!!i,
Name Email
Debbie DeBellis, (USA) ddebellis@notes.cc.sunysb.edu

Comment No.183
Very impressive pictures - website address given by Jackie Howe - we've been friends since childhood.
Name Email
Anne Frost, (England) frankie@frankus.freeserve.co.uk

Comment No.182
i was really looking for a sight to order an austrailian calendar ... got onto this sight -- very lovely -- but i dont need the full size artwork--
i will continue to surf the net in hopes of finding a calendar from austrailia or new zeal, that area, for next year. thanks again for a lovely sight
Name Email
Mars, (USA) jmdenton01@aol.com

Comment No.181
Your work is absolutely superb! When you told me about it at first, I had no idea that it was this quality. I'm very impressed and your web site is very organized and precise. See you soon Storm! -dreamin
Name Email
Diane Kerstein , (USA) GrrrlzRule@aol.com

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