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Comment No.140
Hey Storm ... love the photos .. stunning! Hope you don't mind but I asked "Rupert" to pass on your URL to me! Where were they all taken? Catch you later!
ICQ 4822573
Name Email
Claire (NZ) coolrunnings@xtra.co.nz

Comment No.139
Name Email
Bryan Kiger (USA) jkgk@northrim.net

Comment No.138
Great site  with great photos. I love this sort of dramatic photography and would love to buy some posters if only I had room on my walls.
Name Email
Martin Rock-Evans (UK) falling.rock@mailexcite.com

Comment No.137
JUST A LITTLE NOTE TO SAY HELLO!! THE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS MY PLACE OF WORK (DUTY FREE PHOTO SHOP) IN BURNIE,AND YOU CAN EMAIL ME HERE AT ANYTIME IF YOU WISH. Phil and I are moving house yet again as the place we were going to buy has been sold from under us to the owners brother! So we might invest in a block of land in the bush somewhere and build a log cabin. I am getting plenty of extra work doing portraits and absolutely loving it. Anyway must go, TAKE CARE , hope to here from you soon.
Love JODI.
Name Email
Jodi Stacey
(Tasmania, Australia)

Comment No.136
Love the site.

What processes do you use to get your graphics to load so fast and smooth. I'm in the early stages of designing a surfing photo gallery. Also could you mention what the response has been like and how you market your products. I have also had a serious illness(heart transplant) which has effected my sense of commitment to a creative lifesyle, being a sculptor for many years I would like to eventually set up a fine art gallery on the net with a group of artists.


Name Email
Mark O'Neill
(Queensland, Australia)

Comment No.135
I think that lightning is one of the most beautiful sights. Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I get my fair share of it. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your photos & that they are beautiful. Thank-you,
Name Email
Clarissa Ann Moeller (USA) innocent86@aol.com

Comment No.134
The photographs in your web site are really superb. I am really
impressed and wonder at the amount of time and energy you must have invested to capture the shots.
Wonder if one can capture a bolt hitting the outskirts of a city?
Wishing you luck and safety.
Name Email
Percy M.Mistry (India) naomimis@hotmail.com

Comment No.133
G'day Nick!! I visited your web site and it was quite impressive! I am a commercial photographer/ photographer assistant based out of Toronto, Canada. I am researching and appealing to professional photographers in Australia as I am travelling down under in November. I will be there for at least 6 mos. and would love to hook up with and assist some of the local photographers in Oz. Since I will be travelling for a while I am hoping to earn some $$$ to help carry out my cost of living. I quite liked your landscape photographs and thought that the opportunity to work with you would be a tremendous experience. A bit about my experience: I am 29yrs. old with a valid class 'D' drivers licence. I have been assisting commercial shooters here in Toronto for the past 4 years. Photographer types ranging from table top, editorial, corporate, portrait and fashion. My own work is primarily people oriented - Lifestyle. I have travelled quite a bit and have taken my fair share of landscapes, both at night and day. I've even done some stills work on film sets. I am well versed in all camera formats and lighting.

    If you feel that I may be of any assistance to you or perhaps there is someone you may know who would consider my appeal, I would greatly appreciate a response to this e-mail. I must cut this short, lunch is over, must return to my job, which today is 'P.A.' on a 10 second commercial spot for breakfast cereal.

    I do hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you

    Kim Sinclair
Name Email
Kim Sinclair (Canada) fulframe@interlog.com

Comment No.132
Truly spectacular pictures!  Keep up the good work!
Name Email
Susie (USA) susieq@netmdc.com

Comment No.131
Quite enjoyable.
Name Email
Brian Witt (USA) osli@webtv.net

Comment No.130
Your pictures are realy tremendous.
Thank you for the amazing show on the internet.  10 points.
Im working in a photolab called Extrafilm and I have seen thousands of photos but never something so awesome.
Take care..
Name Email
Jrgen (Sweden) jorgen.karlsson@extrafilm.se

Comment No.129
Very good work. I am a student and very interested in taking pictures of the sky.
Name Email
Elaina Alonzo (USA) e_lainaa@hotmail.com

Comment No.128
Pretty bloody awsome.
I came across the pic titled  ATLANTIS over here in Shepparton (vic) while browsing and I just had to buy the bloody thing.
Thought I'd see what else ya had and I have a feeling ya'll be hearing from me in the near future.
Name Email
Strych (Australia) strych@mcmedia.com.au

Comment No.127
You have some very nice photos. I have just got a CANON AV-1 so that I can hopefully get some pictures of the skys. I thank you for your web site and the info that you give helps me in my new hobby.
Name Email
Scott E. Rudolph (USA) SER-194@aol.com

Comment No.126
Beautiful work. I'm listening to the CD at this moment.

Name Email
Dominique Duryea (USA) deduryea@fedex.com

Comment No.125
... None ...
Name Email
Rhea Kiilsgaard (USA) jeffreyallenkiilsgaard@worldnet.att.net

Comment No.124
I saw a man get struck by lightning very close to me, and I have been interested in lightning ever since then. Your web-site helped me a lot.
If you get any new info. on thunder and lightning, you can send it to my e-mail address.
Love, Mary
Name Email
Mary Lyman (USA) marylyman@hotmail.com

Comment No.123
I would like to recieve more tips on how to take lightning photography.
Name Email
Matt Casper (USA) gsi01625@gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu

Comment No.122
... None ...
Name Email
Annemarie Brookins (USA) ... None ...

Comment No.121
Beautiful work! I am an amateur photographer.
Hope to see more in the future. God Bless.
Name Email
Bruce Switalla (USA) bswitalla@usa.net

Comment No.120
Hi! I just wanted to say that i loved the pictures of austrailia..
i really would like to go there one day...you're so lucky!
Best wishes,
Name Email
Krista (USA) cyberchick79@hotmail.com

Comment No.119
While visiting friends in China we found they were looking at
this fab web site, what a coincidence!
Name Email
Ang & Steve Hazelbroek
Perth (Western Australia)

Comment No.118
Awesome photo's!!!!
Name Email
Kirsty freckelton (Australia) loopy59@hotmail.com

Comment No.117
.. None ..
Name Email
Jason Barclay .. None ..

Comment No.116
Just wanted to let you know that you have an awesome website!  I came across it while I was looking up info on moving to Austrailia. Well I'm going to keep looking, I really enjoyed your artwork.

Rhainna M. McCulloch ~
Name Email
Rhainna McCulloch
(Seaside, OR. U.S.A)

Comment No.115
G'Day, I visited Austrailia two years ago and loved it! I enjoyed your art work that I viewed on the website. Thanks for spending time making it.
Name Email
Blair Hill (USA) blairhill@hotmail.com

Comment No.114
Thanks, Nick for the privilege of seeing these posters at first hand last Friday. Wish I had somewhere to put at least one up. They are beautiful. Even more meaningful having met you and seen them up close. Look forward to the CD.
Name Email
Dorothy Howse
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.113
Hi Nick

Happened on your site quite by accident (looking for Genesis flares!) and have to say it is beautifully done. Your and Karen's galleries are brilliant -- I am envious of your talent.

in Moree, NSW
Name Email
Robin Rowlands
(Moree, Australia)

Comment No.112
I think all the pictures are fabulous. I especially like the one
titled "Liquid Fire" it is so beautiful.
Name Email
April McKnight (USA) bratno2@hotmail.com

Comment No.111
Looking good, now that I've found you I'll comment more later. See you soon slacker.
Name Email
Ron Gregory
(Perth, Australia)

Comment No.110
... None ...
Name Email
Corey Osborne (USA) ... None ...

Comment No.109
I love to watch. It's great but scary at the same time. And your photos are the best. Thanks for sharing.
Name Email
Gina (USA) RRemsgar@aol.com

Comment No.108
Hi Nick! I'm 12 years old and from Tornado Alley Kansas and have wanted to be a Meteorologist and Storm Chaser since I was 5 when one of our many tornados hit Wichita and Andover.I love to study tornadoes, thunderstorms, and lightning and would like to film and photograph them also.Your lightning posters are great and I'll be ordering some for my room soon!
Name Email
Philip (USA) Tornadokid@MSN.com

Comment No.107
My husband and I are Stormchasers here in Texas. We love the lighting photos. We have a beautiful lith. of a tornado that we keep over the couch. I think your photos are exceptional, everyone should visit your gallery's. I wish you continued success and health.
Keep up the great work as lighting pics  are very hard to find here.
Not that we don't have plenty(lightning) here. Again your pages
are wonderful.

The Heidenheimer's
Name Email
Jeff and Tammy Heidenheimer (USA) ggidgit@yahoo.com

Comment No.106
Your pictures are tremendous. They cannot, and will not be beat.. I've never seen anything so breath-taking before, in my life. I plan to visit Australia in the future, and would like some tourist information, and tips. Thank you for the amazing displays on the internet.
Name Email
Luke Harvey (USA) ... None ...

Comment No.105
Someday   I`ll get my pics on so yu can see-------
have a double rainbow----w/ single bolt betwn the 2
tim lavina mt
Name Email
Mr Rogers
(Montana, USA)

Comment No.104
I love this site.
Name Email
A. leigh (USA) ... None ...

Comment No.103
Would like to live and explore the down-under continent soon.
Name Email
Max Sheen (USA) sheemax@isu.edu

Comment No.102
Need to see lots of photos!  But it is good.
Name Email
Stacy Schmidt (USA) spacecase2@hotmail.com

Comment No.101
This is an awesome web site!
I love learning more about Australia.
Name Email
Rebecca Majerus (USA) library@schs.k12.mn.us

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