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Comment No.100
Enjoyed looking at your posters and prints. We were just surfing around.
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George & Pam MacKenzie
(Idaho, USA)

Comment No.99
I am very impressed with the photos. Being an amature photographer,  I  can appreciate what it must have taken to get such beautiful shots.
Keep up the good work.

Happy clicking
Name Email
Monique MacGregor

Comment No.98
Pictures of natural events are always worth recording, because they are never the same.
Name Email
George G. Wynne (Australia) gwilym@mackay.net.au

Comment No.97
Great viewing. Nature at its ferocious best reminds me of the NT.
I would like to see some of your monochrome prints as that is the medium I work in and like the best.
Good luck in the future.
17mm @ f22
Name Email
Phil Cotter
(Wollongong, Australia)

Comment No.96

Your photographs are really amazing. They are surely one of the best i have ever seen.

The vibrant colors &  the vivacity of the photos are really wonderful.

Ambika Mehra.
Name Email
Ambika Mehra
(Mumbai, India)

Comment No.95
Good one fella !!!
Name Email
Ray Meckenstock
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.94
Enjoyed your site, I have kin who live around Perth and operates a coop. His name is David Smith.
Name Email
Gerry Whitehurst
(Mississippi, USA)

Comment No.93
Nice pictures
Name Email
Lewis Riley (USA) lcriley@worldnet.att.net

Comment No.92
Great to see a site with such good links. Nice work.
Name Email
Ed Nelson
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.91
Hi there,
As one who is also completely fascinated by lightning I am always very interested to see photos whenever I can. They always send a tingle down my spine. Your shots are great, particularly the two with more than ten or so lightning bolts on the one shot.
Whenever I see such photos I'm reminded of the extraordinary, and immense, feeling of excitement felt standing outside with lightning striking around me. During a particularly intense thunderstorm I am often frustrated when photographing lightning at aiming the camera in one direction and having lightning strike in other. I will then move the camera and lightning will strike in the first spot! Anyway, I've really enjoyed your photos. I am also frustrated by the fact that Canberra gets very few lightning storms.
I would love, one day, to travel to Florida during Spring and Summer and get some real action! Florida receives the most amount of lightning strikes in the world.
Anyway, ciao for now.
Name Email
Marty P (Australia) martyp@dynamite.com.au

Comment No.90
The photos are just beautiful!!!
This is a great site.
Name Email
Debbie Leach (USA) elstrom@earthlink.net

Comment No.89
Great page!!!  I'm just starting to get interested in shooting lightning.  I have taken some pics already.  I need help.
Keep up the good work.
Name Email
J Barron (USA) sunanami@webtv.net

Comment No.88
One of the best sites I have seen on the net.
Name Email
John McKechnie

Comment No.87
Wow what a great collection. I've also seen some great shots taken around the power station at Port Augusta in S.A.
Look forward to seeing more of your work.
Name Email
Robyn (Australia) walrus@giant.net.au

Comment No.86
.. None ..
Name Email
K. Henrion (USA) .. None ..

Comment No.85
Hello Nick!
I hope you are well. My Auntie has access to the net so I thought I would say hello and show her your BRILLIANT lightning shots......and she loved them!!! Suprise, Suprise, who wouldn't.
When are you making that trip to Tassie?
Take Care, and more lightning shots!
Name Email
Jodi Stacey
(Tasmania, Australia)

Comment No.84
I had a good friend from W.A. who died in a helo crash near broome.
His name was sean murphy and if u ever get to broome, i'd love a picture of the beach cause he talked about it all the time. Leave me a note if you got a pix.
G'day mate...garry
Name Email
Gary Dicks (Canada) dixie@beeline.ca

Comment No.83
I'm a photography fan. One of my dreams is to photograph lightning.
Your photos are awsome, and if I had the money I would buy them all.
On the other hand, I  have only one doubt: how come you expose the film too much time and still catch the lightning at the exact time, know what I mean? It appears for only a couple of seconds.
Anyway, I found this site one of the best I've visited about lightning photography.
I hope you can get in touch with me to share some of your experiences.......Congratulations!!!
Name Email
Ana Cecilia Villarreal

Comment No.82
.. None ..
Name Email
A.Saravua (USA) saravia@ibm.com

Comment No.81
You know what,  I have always wanted
to go to Australia all my life!!
Name Email
Alicia Chapman (USA) .. None ..

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