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Comment No.80
I Love Australia.  I think you have beautiful scenery.
Name Email
Janice Ryan, (Canada) rryan.telus.net

Comment No.79
My sister and I are planning to go to Australia this year for a period of time and we want to know more about it so if you have any other new things on your page can you email me??!!:)

thank you so much :)!!
Loni saucier
Name Email
Loni Saucier, (USA) vix'en@hotmail.com

Comment No.78
I loved the photos! I hope to visit Austrailia one day. Maybe I'll see ya there.
Name Email
Dona (USA) benji60

Comment No.77
Congratulations on your work. I have a number of your prints at home and always wondered if there was more. Your work captures the internal spirit of a storm. Keep it up.
Name Email
Jason Sultana (Australia) jason.sultana

Comment No.76
I Love your country, what is the weather like this time of year.
Name Email
Sharon Stout (USA) Cook@COINET.com

Comment No.75
Awe inspiring !!
Name Email
George Wynne

Comment No.74
I would like some information on the country of
Australia please
Name Email
James Barrett (USA) Lloyd@Siemenscom.com

Comment No.73
Awsome site!!
Name Email
Nita (USA) ahend@cdsnet.net

Comment No.72
.. None ..
Name Email
Lonnie Irwin (Canada) clwin@telusplanet.net

Comment No.71
Thank you for you beautiful photographs. As an avid snapper myself, these are the type of effect that I am constantly aiming to achieve.
Well done!
Name Email
Jane (Australia) gojane@mpx.com.au

Comment No.70
Just browsing tonight. Pesonally interested in all
aspects of fine art photography. Have studied under Oliver Gagliani
Name Email
Jerry Leffel (USA) leffel@indy.tds.net

Comment No.69
Just GREAT!!!
Name Email
Darryl Moore (UK) darryl01@globalnet.co.uk

Comment No.68
You have an excellent site and truly excellent photographs. I still dabble, but mostly with wildlife now.
All the best,
Name Email
Charlie Snow (USA) vdodivr@m3.interserv.com

Comment No.67
Steve & Ange told me bad things about You. Are they true???
The Hell Man in The Surf???
Name Email
Steve & Ange Hazebroek
(Perth, WA)

Comment No.66
Saw your sight browsing through.. I really liked the pictures and was wondering if you had any on posters? Would like to know... If you could email me an answer it would be much appreciated.
Name Email
Ryan Nyberg (USA) rnyberg@cport.com

Comment No.65
The pictures were great!
Name Email
Sean Thompson .. None ..

Comment No.64
Great pictures!!
Name Email
Shannon Helget (USA) .. None ..

Comment No.63
Love your show! keep it up.
Name Email
Bethany McDannald

Comment No.62
Your photos are beautiful, I plan on visiting australia in september '98 hope to see some of these sights while i'm there.
Name Email
Tracy Taylor (Canada) .. None ..

Comment No.61
I think the pictures are wonderful and have enjoyed the site. I will surely be returning.
Name Email
Erin (USA) erindor@ntplx.com

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