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Comment No.21
Terrific site Nick.

I make tapestry wheatheaters (replacement for uncomfortable hot water bottles) to heat in the microwave. $15 plus postage and handling. For more info contact my email address.

Name Email
Jo Brady (Australia) bal@qldnet.com.au

Comment No.22
Hey G'Day mate
I really like your Pic's, they are fabulous.
Name Email
Angela Ambuhl (USA) Ambuhl@msn.com

Comment No.23
Nick, Thank you for your beautiful site!!!!!
I was showing my Mother how I can contact the world with my system and your site has provided not only a good example of how I can access the world but some beautiful art. Thank you.
Name Email
Joe (USA) svogar@pacbell.net

Comment No.24
Hi Nick,

Today I received the two prints that I ordered from you. You wanted me to let you know how long it would take to deliver to Illinois, USA from Australia. A week and a half isn't bad!

I could not be more happier with the prints. They are of excellent quality. You were right when you said that the net doesn't do them any justice.

I'll look forward to checking out your web site for any additions.

Thanks for your prompt service.

Very Truly Yours,

Name Email
Michael Logeman (USA) mlogeman@midwest.net

Comment No.25
Very nice work. Enjoyed your site .
Name Email
Jean T. Lewis (USA) cjlewis@vicksburg.com

Comment No.26
Name Email
Darryl Brook,
(Mandurah, WA)

Comment No.27
My wife & I are both photo-nuts.
Would like info on price & ordering from Okla. in USA.
Name Email
Steve Ford (USA) steve_ford@willbros.com

Comment No.28
Hi Nick,
Great to see your work again! And all the new stuff too. And the "lightning links". Just stopped by to check my link to here - always a pleasure.
(Cool animated gif)

Jim Coe: http://www.everydaymagic.com
Name Email
Jim Coe (USA) jimcoe@ix.netcom.com

Comment No.29
.. None ..
Name Email
Tom Horn (USA) gthorn@suffolk.lib.ny.us

Comment No.30
You have some absolutely fantasitc photos. I am just starting out in photography and am awaiting a cable release before I can start taking photo's of lighting which I would love to do.
Well done.
Name Email
Sarah (Australia) coco@russell.fam.com.au

Comment No.31
Void Scolers is on line!!!
Beware the Infra Red bug!!
Name Email
Richard Corless,
(Perth, WA)

Comment No.32
I just wanted to let you know I think your site and photos are
pretty amazing...I love lightning and storms..I have a site at
http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/8492. Come visit some time..I really like your annimated title with the reflected water..one of the best graphics I have seen..Thanks for shareing your art with me.

Thanks and Peace Ravon )0(
Name Email
Ravon (Canada) darr@nucleus.com

Comment No.33
Very impressive, well done!!
Name Email
Ashley Blais (Canada) dwsnyder@uniserve.com

Comment No.34
I think that the pic Are absolutly gorgus!!! I love the one with the twin tornadoes on the lake!!!
Name Email
Camie Lynn (USA) ziggy126@juno.com

Comment No.35
Name Email
Kelly Shiels (Australia) 24588@williams.edu.au

Comment No.36
Nice photos
Name Email
Jt (USA) .. None ..

Comment No.37
This site is cool ... i am interested in aussi and i found alot of interesting stuff here.
Name Email
Jason Winthrop Norton

Comment No.38
I think that the pictures i viewed were amazing, i am going to come visit with my family.
Name Email
Jernelle Staye (USA) onikka@aol.com

Comment No.39
Pretty darn COOL!!!!!
Name Email
Pam Kerr (USA) pkerr37@hotmail.com

Comment No.40
.. None ..
Name Email
Tim and Cindy Westergreen (USA) jw14010@cedarnet.org

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