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Comment No.380

Amazing!! I can't believe I found your site and your beautiful art. I've always been facinated with storms and landscapes.

God bless you for the work you do.

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Ron George , (USA)

Comment No.379
Thanks for the talk and visuals on Sunday last - a great inspiration - perhaps I can persuade some of the chronic pain sufferers to visit the site!
Name Email
Mike Hodges, (OZ, Western Aust)

Comment No.378

The website is really cool and the art is all very original.some of the work is really like a once in a life time shot!

Name Email
Sara Gray, (Australia)
Comment No.377

AWESOME - your photo's are what make living in Australia is all about.

Name Email
Tamara, (Australia)

Comment No.376

Beatiful photos, that really capture the energy and feeling of whats going on. Makes me miss australia

Name Email
k davis, (UK)

Comment No.375

Awsome!! I just happened to stumble on to your site and what awsome pictures!! Keep up the great work!

Name Email
M. Craig,
(Chesterfield, Va, USA)

Comment No.374

These are truly some of the most exquisite photographs I have ever seen, and I love them even more because they have been taken where I live! Thank you for such a brilliant website to view your work

Name Email
Paula McConnell,
(Western Australia)

Comment No.373

I am science teacher and have a good friend/teacher who is a storm chaser, but i like the lighting better than tornados, since I grew up with them in Eastern Colorado (Byers), now I live in Hailey, Idaho and I am trying to take some decent pictures of lightning. I am thinking about buying some of your posters, they are incredible. Bruce Tuxhorn

Name Email
Bruce Tuxhorn, (USA)

Comment No.372

Saw your photos featured in the newspaper & had to see more. Great photos.
I couldn't see those available as limited editions or see what prices they'd be.

Name Email
Chris Jenkins, (Australia)

Comment No.371

I enjoyed your photos very much, such beautiful color and breathtaking.
Thank you so much for such beautiful photography.

Name Email
Carol Wells, (Michigan, USA)

Comment No.370

Fansastic shots, what type of camera are you using?? You have really push the speed and f stop to the limit to achieve amazing results. We all wish we could get the same results. Are you using slide film, but what asa for dust type shots 50 , 100 or 400???? Do you need a very keen and eager apprentice to carry all your bags and gear on you next site shoot???. Love to hear some of your storm chasing photo shoot stories.
Regards. D.P. seascape designs!

Name Email
David Pratt, (WA, Australia)

Comment No.369

My favourite is 'Summer Storm'.Wish I had been there!

Name Email
Tracey Donnelly, (NSW, Australia)

Comment No.368

Hi Nick, Your site was passed onto me and i would like to congratulate you on such wonderful work, its spectacular and you are truly very talented. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I have put it with my favourites.

Name Email
Jann Christen, (NSW, Australia)

Comment No.367

Hi Nick,

Not sure if you will remember me from the old Southern Skies days. Was just talking to Deb from Pa, and she directed me to your website. Your photographs are as stunning as I remember them. Often think about you and of the days at SS. I can't see Bananas in Pyjamas without thinking of you hehehehe. Miss you lots. Hope you are coping well.

Townsville Qld

Name Email
Cherrie Anderson, (Australia)

Comment No.366

Excellent photos.

Name Email
James and Fiona McCaffery, (Western Australia)

Comment No.365


G'day mate, due to your article in the Sunday Times last week, my family and I were extremely impressed with your work. this prompted me to look on your website and was pleased to learn we could purchase some of your material. Do you have a gallery where people can view your work?

Keep up the good work Nick, look forward to been able to view some of your work.

Kind Regards


Name Email
Reece Davies, (Australia)

Comment No.364

I thought the photographs were absolutely breathtaking and very beautiful.

Name Email
Norma Peel, (Australia)

Comment No.363

These are truly spectacular photos.

Name Email
William J. McElhaney PE,
(Pennsylvania, USA)

Comment No.362

I finaly get to see all your beautiful photographs.... And all I can say is they are breathtaking, hope to get to see you up this way doing some more pinnacles and maybe hangover bay shots 2!!!. Keep on capturing the beauty for all of us to enjoy!!!!. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2 All....... :)

Name Email
Sonia Hesford,
( Western Australia)

Comment No.361

WOW what can I say, I like taking Photo's but this blows you away, good on you Nick keep it up.

Name Email
Frank, (Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.360

I would like to commend you on your wonderful photographs. I must say you are one of the very few photographs who produce a "real" photograph.
Wonderful - best wishes, Sue!

Name Email
Sue Smeeton, (Sydney, Australia)

Comment No.358

It's amazing to find someone with the same passion as me. I have been watching severe and developing weather for over 5 years now. Whenever the weather calls for unsettled weather my anticipation and excitement jumps. I spent 10 days in singapore recently and the storms there were incredible. Next march, for my 18th birthday, Mum is willing to purchase a camera that has the capabilities of capturing lightning images. If you get a chance to read this, would it be possible for you to send me some info? if you could, that would be great. Your images are amazing and to think that they were caught in the metro area makes it even better. Keep it up!

Name Email
Paul Natale,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.357

They are beautiful photos, great site, congratulations.

Name Email
Libby Henderson, (Australia)

Comment No.356

You are a very clever person i enjoyed them all.

Name Email
Dianne Dixon, (Australia)

Comment No.355

Excellent work nick, how about forming a screensaver of your work to download? you could then post it on a screensaver site and reach even more people out there with your vast fractal art screensaver would have a rival for my affections then!

Name Email
Piter de vries,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.354

WOW...I know where next years chrissy presents are coming from.

Name Email
Shelly, (Australia)

Comment No.353

WOW ! I think these images are absolutely great, i have never seen Mother nature put on such a spectacular display and to have it all on film to share with the rest of us is simply fantastic.
I have added this site to my favorites and will come back with plastic money once the Xmas madness has gone, thanks again for letting us share these images.


Name Email
Harry Cockram, (Australia)

Comment No.352

Nice work. I have too had moderate success with experimenting but nothing like yours. Keep up the good work.

Name Email
Richard Hogan, (Australia)

Comment No.351

Your works are soo awesome and very're really talented.

Name Email
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

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