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Comment No.350

What a beautiful country we live in and you have captured it through your art work. My friends in America with be very impressed.Thanking you deeply keep up the AWESOME work.

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Kerrie Worth, (Australia)

Comment No.349

the photo's of "fire in the sky & creation, seem to me to be almost identical, except one is the reverse of the other. your photo gallery is still very much an inspiration to the viewer about the wonders of nature.
Stephen Bajt.
Sydney NSW

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Stephen Bajt,
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Comment No.348

The pictures are just beautiful but would like to know the sizes and the costs.

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Constance, (Australia)

Comment No.347

Just wanted to say your photographs are amazing. i'm after pics of sunrises, and was wondering if you have any photos of them, also, are 'Homeward Bound, The Jetty, and Atlantis' sunrises or sunsets? if so are they available in vertical format? also do you have a buisiness contact number or are all orders over the internet.i'm quite interested in them and would greatly appreciate your response. thanks very much!

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Karin Boczula, (Perth, Australia)

Comment No.346

Some wonderful images - very much enjoyed the visit!

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Shirley, (Australia)

Comment No.345

Very nice Photography .
Are you actually of Serbian origin. If you are did you study photography there.

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Vee, (Australia)

Comment No.344

The pictures are delightful.

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Bonnie Hayes, (USA)

Comment No.343

Very interesting, loved twin strike, tempest and atlantis. Keep up the great photographs.

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Wanisara, (Sydney, Australia)

Comment No.342

Just fantastic!
I'll be ordering for our overseas friends to show them what a beautiful state we live in. Keep it going.

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Roslyn Barnes,
(Western Australia)

Comment No.341

you have done extremely well, the patience too be setup and wait for the right moment of time that nature gives her delights depends on one's attitude and equipment too capture the stage delights too us, keep up the good work.

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(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.340

Nick, your photos are amazing! They really capture how beautiful Perth really is.

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Nada, (Australia)

Comment No.339

Great photos, Nick. Very original too, and a nice change from seeing pics of Kata Juta, Uluru etc, all taken by a bunch of landscape photographers who appear to be travelling in the same LandCrusier.
I'm curious to know if your exposures include reciprocity correction, or if the exposures are so long that's not an issue.
Like to hear from you. Have a beaut Christmas, mate. And all the very best for 2002.
Barry Ashenhurst
Lake Macquarie,

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Barry Ashenhurst, (Australia)

Comment No.338

These photos are absolutely amazing and unbelievable.

What makes them even more stunning are that they are 100% natural and it's hard to believe that you took them with available light without any filters or digital manipulation.

Congratulations, well done.

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Des, (USA)

Comment No.337

"Great site and photography.
When you are updating next, just need to correct one typo!
The only thing I missed from this computer is the sound effects.
Have a great Christmas and New Year.
Clive and Judy

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Clive Higgins ,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.336

"Dear Nick,
I discovered U're internet content, and I was surprised about the photos. They are so fine. Some posters may interess me, but I have not credit card, never mind. And at school, where I'm working, the color print is out of order, then I have to see the screen only...
I would like to know how exactly U have to do to take like pictures of sky when it's very cloudy with electricity, I can't remember the name in english.
Thanks to give us a part of dreams.
Delphine Boulard

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Delphine Boulard, (France)

Comment No.335

I often wondered how you were going.....I stumbled upon your pics here. We must re establish contact after all these years and have another coffee one day.

See ya mate

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Bert Pierce,
(Perth, Western Australia)

Comment No.334

Hi ,
As photography is my hobby ,I was browsing to learn more about this beautiful art and I'm really impressed of your work I wish you the best and well done.

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Riham Al-Ghanim, (Kuwait)

Comment No.333

Have not t/w you for some time now. I do hope that all is well with you & Anne (?) and the family. I asked Julie to tell you all hello when she visited. Your work is awesome.I jave gone thru the gallery and have made my wish list. Take great care. Please let me know how you're going if ou have the time. Take great care.


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Debbie J. Henry, (USA)

Comment No.332

An absolutely stunning and inspiring portfolio. Well laid out and easy to navigate, the info and advise tips are well recieved. Having now been inspired, if I get struck by lightening you'll know who's to blame!

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Roderick Fountain, (England)

Comment No.331

I felt that I couldn't leave this site without leaving a comment. The photos are absolutely breath taking and each one makes it impossible to glance over them quickly, so I am putting this site onto my favourites so that I am able to go back to it time and time again!
Photographs like these give an awful lot of people an awful lot of pleasure!!!

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Jo, (England)

Comment No.330

"Under a Blood Red Sky" is one of the most stunningly beautiful photographs I have ever seen. If it is possible, I would love to know more about the techiques used to capture these images. I have taken landscape photos for years and I have always loved sunrise/sunset scenes. Your photos go far beyond the ordinary. You have opened my eyes to a whole new set of possibilities. Thank you. Any information you could share would be greatly appreciated. I noticed that you listed extremely long shutter times (45 Minutes), what aperture do you use? Do you use a very small aperture and long shutter times to increase depth of field? How do you calculate the shutter times? Is it calculated or by trial and error?

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Mike Edwards, (Cincinnati,Ohio,USA)

Comment No.329

I viewed all of your collections available and i think they are fantastic! The Lightning Gallery was the best, i have always been fascinated by storms and how to capture them on camera. The best photography i have ever seen.

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Leigh Goonan,(Australia)

Comment No.328

get me the hell outta here!!!!!!!! call me slack bum.. huh!! was down in perth recently but knew you were at your hideaway in dunnys borrow somwhere!!looked a t you site.. ""veeewy preety" no bloody storms here yet!! ;lots of talk, storm area of 400klms to the north and south covers goldfiels region on the weather report..lots of rain but no sparks yet..had a blustery visit to denmark last week lots of late water down there.. wil give you a hoi!when it looks like some north clouds heading this way.. then you"ll have to jump on a American Ailiner and come to Kal..juust kidding..have cancelled our trip to egypt booked for Jan.. might go to.....hmmmmm..... dont know yet.. they say darwin is pretty active in the summer.. have to do that one day!! so slacky still waiting ever so to you later.. bye

Just make sure you give me enough warning when you come down to Perth will you so that I can flee interstate, ha, ha, ha

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annie slackbum,
(Kalgoorlie, Western Australia)

Comment No.327
I love your work, it really blows me away.
I myself are looking for a part time course in photography. But I don't really know where to start looking for a good photography school that has part time students. If you could help me in anyway I would be forever greatfull.

Kind regards
Tania Greenhill
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Tania Greenhill, (Australia)

Comment No.326

I love your work & have 2 of your posters, 1 of which is Tempest. I absolutely love it, every time I move I hang it up before I unpack my own clothes (it's not home without it). It's great to see your photography on the net. Keep up the good work cause we all love it!

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(Queensland, Australia)

Comment No.325

stuning art photos! you inspire.

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Kim Nicoll, (USA)

Comment No.324


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Bob Goulton, (Australia)

Comment No.323

Superb! Amazingly beautiful images.

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Rob Haskins, (Czech Republic)

Comment No.322


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Comment No.321

Nice and terrific photographs. I enjoyed looking at them and how did you catch these beautiful images of light.

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Dell S Isles, (USA)

Comment No.320
Absolutely beautiful!!... and very inspirational. I'm a photography student at Louisiana State University, USA and I'm interested in archeological photography (with atmosphere of course!). I've been to Australia and stayed in Byron Bay most of the time. My boyfriend's uncle own's the Arts Factory Logde there. Your country is very beautiful and I'm hopeing to visit again in the near future.
Thanks for the peak at your wonderful works of art.
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Layla Harrell, (USA)

Comment No.319
Wow! I have always wanted to go to the land down under..and now I can by internet. I Loved "The Gallery",I was absoulutely mesmerized. Thank You for this awesome sight,and site! As I live in Michigan,it's wonderful that I can travel and see the beauty the rest of the world holds. I love it..I will be back.
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Patricia Carney, (USA)

Comment No.318

Your photos are absolutely amazing. They are so beautiful, you have a lot of talent.

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Megan Bannon, (Australia)

Comment No.317
Very nice work Nick, I am starting to have some decent results from my storm chasing efforts here in the UK although our Storms are a little small compared to yours, if you have the time I would appriciate your eye on one of my shots which is on the front page of my friends website
Best of luck for the future, Steve.
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Steve Lansdell, (England)

Comment No.316
Your work is just amazing....just like our creator
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Elizabeth, (Australia)

Comment No.315
im so jealous of ur work...i wish i was that good....
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Channat, (Australia)

Comment No.314
Hello, thank you for these wonderful images. I,ll like have more tecnics dates from the pictures.I,m sorry for my english.Chao
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Jorge Paez, Ibiza (Spain)

Comment No.313
Indeed a helpful website. User-friendly save my hours of surfing .... thumps up !
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Artie, (Singapore)

Comment No.312
God given gift you've got there! A glimpse of earth's beauty with the help of your own creativity. I love it... you've gotta do more. My encouragement to you is that you continue doing what you love doing, it is evident throughout all your pictures that you love your work with passion.

Go hard! Show the world what you've got, ...
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Matalena, (New Zealand)

Comment No.311
I love sites like this there sould be more. I love lightning pictures.Should be more on the east coast so i can byr more pics
Name Email
Cristan Petherbridge, (Australia)

Comment No.310
Dear Nick, although we have a lot of rain and thunder in The Netherlands, I never saw it this beautiful!!!
Searching for info to settle down in Australia, visited your site by accident, and really enjoyed your gallery.
If I ever make it to Australia I'll really visit your gallery to see them all. good luck with your work.
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Comment No.309
Greetings! Thank-you for such an inspiring, beautiful(and educational!) site.
May you be blessed by the Creator of the Creation with infinitely more wonderful moments to capture with your camera.
Please keep me informed of your latest offerings!
Regards, Prashphutita
Name Email
PrashphutitaA. Greco, (Australia)

Comment No.308
I have been given an assignment on static electricity and 1 of the questions is how does lightning occur? thanx alot your sight really helped me
your sincerely
Name Email
Renee Neader, (Australia)

Comment No.307
amazing fotos really beautiful and out of this world
Name Email
no name, (Australia)

Comment No.306
Awesome photos!
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Jen Van-Achteren, (Australia)

Comment No.305
What a great website....its good to come across one thats fast and easy to navigate.
Your work is brilliant!
Actually i started getting into lightning photography after reading an article in a photography magazine about 3 years ago,so thanks for that! keep up the good work.
Name Email
Matt Halls, (South Australia)

Comment No.304
Wish I were back in Perth watching the storms and sunsets for myself. Your site is still incredible to me as many times as I have accessed it. Hope you're doing well. Say hello to everyone for me.
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Charlie Snow, (USA)

Comment No.303
I just wanted to tell you that I think your posters + prints are fantastic.You delivered them to England in a week and I have just bought some glass frames for them so they can go centre-stage in my house.
Your work is wonderful - I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to actually be there!
Thanks so much for your prompt delivery and outstanding artwork.
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Nic, (England)   ... None ...

Comment No.302
I´ve enjoyed every picture of you.
You are great taking pics.
Every picture has a true feeling that lifts up my soul.
Thanks for share with us this greater pics.
Juan José
Name Email
Juan José Durán León,
(El Salvador, Central America)

Comment No.301
enormously spectactularly brilliant,
best of all. absolutely love lightning of any kind.
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Di Johnson, (Australia)

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