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Comment No.1
Great site!! Very nice images.

I to am a lightning photographer living in Tucson, Az. I've been photographing lightning for about 5 years now. I've got a very good collection.

I'm trying to put together a site that will be online around Feb. Check it out.

We have some great lightning during our summer months.
Name Email
David Jones (USA) dav@azstarnet.com

Comment No.2
Good site design, what's to dislike?

Dramatic, enjoyable and positive images (especially liked the way you use colors and those images with symmetry).

Will add your site to the links on my photosite.

Please feel free to visit my fine art photo site at: http://www.everydaymagic.com

It's allways exciting to realize that the other side of the globe is "just a click away" !
Name Email
Jim Coe (USA) jimcoe@ix.netcom.com

Comment No.3
You,ve captured the glory of nature at her finest on film. The skies above us all are an ever changing canvas that can only be imitated, or captured and recorded on film to make all people below on the ground envious of the unchallenged artistic brilliance of nature.
Name Email
Peter Gumpert (Australia) bathliba@ix.net.au

Comment No.4
Cool Lightning!!!!!!!
Name Email
Bryce Peterson (USA) .. None ..

Comment No.5
.. None ..
Name Email
Martin Faucher (Canada) martinf@ivic.qc.ca

Comment No.6
.. None ..
Name Email
Bob Favero (USA) favero@pixera.com

Comment No.7
.. None.. ..
Name Email
Eraldo Giovanni Jauck (Brazil) jauck@ibm.net

Comment No.8
I'm in the second grade and I'm doing a report of a social studies project.
Name Email
James Farrar (USA) andywako@worldpass.net

Comment No.9
I am doing a science project on lightning and I loved your photos.

Thank you!
Name Email
Garrett & Jill Stader (USA) .. None ..

Comment No.10
G'day Nick,
Congratulations on having such a great site.

Name Email
Duncan Dodd (Australia) duncan@maxwell.com.au

Comment No.11
I am interested in Australia and the people there. I also wonder if there are many bee-keepers there, because I too am a bee-keeper.
Name Email
Mike Marshall (Canada) bm.wax@sk.sympatico.ca

Comment No.12
Hi there,
I am just a tourist on the web and saw your page. What else is here?
Name Email
Mike Currie (Canada) mikecurrie@sympatico.ca

Comment No.13
Great photos, and thanks for providing tips on photographing lightning.
Name Email
Gordon Waters (Australia) gwaters@ozemail.com.au

Comment No.14
G'Day to a fellow Australian! I am from Lismore, NSW, living in Oshawa, Canada...I am being held hostage by a canadian woman. The sand there is our snow. Take Care Mate.
Name Email
John Essery (Canada) 704285@ican.net

Comment No.15
Your site is terrific.

The photography is absolutely superb. I will be adding your site as a link on mine.

Ben Macklin


Name Email
Ben Macklin (Australia) artexchange@netinfo.com.au

Comment No.16
Great website, I love your photographs, you need to have more information about yourself though. Thanks for the great view of your photographic artwork. It was fantastic
Name Email
Annie Jeferies (USA) TRisha.Filippini@usa.net

Comment No.17
Nick: Absolutely fabulous shots.
Stumbled onto your site via Australian Net Guide magazine.
Will you be coming to Brisbane for the National Print Awards in June?
Name Email
Rob Heyman M. Photog. (Australia) rheyman@cynergy.com.au

Comment No.18
I really like the photographs in this page.
Name Email
Young Sin (USA) ysin@wshs.fcps.k12.va.us

Comment No.19
The hardest part is making a decision on which ones to buy! Beautiful work!

Fantastic photography!

Name Email
Matt Bearden (USA) matt_bearden@hp.com

Comment No.20
Very beautiful pics...done very Nicely!!!!! Thank you..I really enjoyed them!
Name Email
Allyn (USA) kismet623@aol.com

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