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Road Show Sales Consultant

We are looking for like-minded people to join our Genesis Fine Art network.

If you would like to become a Road Show Sales Consultant please register your interest and fill out the application form below.

At Genesis Fine Art we comply with the privacy Act 2000. All information contained in this application will be treated as confidential and details will not be divulged to any other person or firm.

The following questionnaire will help us to determine your suitability and assess whether the skill and values you have are complementary to our expectations and goals. Please be honest with your answers.

We believe this questionnaire offers a good opportunity for potential Road Show Sales Consultants and Team Managers to closely assess what they want out of any business venture they are considering.

General Questionnaire:

1. Are you over 18 years of age

2. How did you first find out about Genesis Fine Art?

3. What attracts you to become a Road Show Sales Consultant?

4. When would you ideally like to start?

5. What qualities do you have that you believe are valuable if you become a Genesis Fine Art Road Show Sales Consultant?

6. Why do you think you will be successful as a Genesis Fine Art Road Show Sales Consultant?

7. What do you consider to be your greatest strengths?

8. What would you most like to improve in yourself?

9. What are you risking to consider becoming a Genesis Fine Art Road Show Sales Consultant?

10. What do you think is likely to make the difference between success and failure as a Road Show Sales Consultant?

11. Why do you want to go into your own business?

12. Do you appreciate that nobody can predict the future of a business, regardless of the track record of Genesis Fine Art? If yes, are you willing to take responsibility for your own success? Please comment:

13. Do you understand that you must make your own enquiries (eg business, accounting, legal etc) and get your own advice when considering a business opportunity?

14. What else do you think we should know about you, to help us understand you better to determine if you are a good fit with Genesis Fine Art?

15. Why are you considering going into business now?

16. If your business was not successful, who would you consider would be responsible and why?

Personal Details:

First Name :
Last Name :
Email Address :
Address :
Address :
Town/Suburb :
State :
Post Code :
Country :
Home Phone Number :
Work Phone Number :
Mobile Phone Number :
Referring Sales Consultant.:
Referring Business ID No.:

I understand that the granting of a Genesis Fine Art Road Show Sales Consultant/Team Manager is at the sole discretion of Genesis Fine Art.

I understand that the purpose of this application is to assess my suitability as a Road Show Sale Consultant/Team Manager.

I understand that Genesis Fine Art will rely upon the information provided by me.

 Please make sure that you have correctly entered your email address.

We will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm we have received your application to become a Road Show Sales Consultant.

If after the receipt of this application or further discussions, we determine you are not suitable as a Road Show Sales Consultant, it will not be a personal decision against your suitability, but a calculated determination against the total criteria across our selection process.

This application does not bind either you or Genesis Fine Art in any manner. This application is not a contract and is therefore not binding on either party.

Any further questions you may have for us at Genesis Fine Art regarding the Road Show Sales Consultants Application process can be directed to

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