About the Fotografica Poster Collection

Thunderstorms provide one of natures most awesome displays. This has been
illustrated by the 'Fotografica Lightning Collection' which comprises a total of eight posters. The objective of this collection is to visually communicate through fine art lithographic posters the awesome power, beauty and fury of nature, depicted through lightning.

It has taken a considerable amount of time and film to capture these unique images,
now released as a series of high quality fine art lithographic poster prints.

What is more remarkable perhaps is that all of the series except for Cataclysm,
were photographed within ten kilometres of my home within the Marmion Marine Park, Perth, Western Australia.

Cataclysm was photographed at the Pinnacles, within the Nambung National Park,
Cervantes, which is located about 250 kilometers north of Perth, Western Australia.

I believe you will almost feel the awesome power and beauty of the fury of nature - Lightning, depicted in this series of fine art lithographic posters.


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